My relationship with color


When it comes to colors, I like working with multiple nuances of the same color and creating shade effects in order to emit depth.
I believe that contrasting colors can be very effective and stand out against each other, and I might also work with multiple nuances of the same color here. I am however cautious of combining colors that create associations to flags, symbols or team colors for soccer and other sports.

The outfit should be a piece of jewelry that flatters the dancer and accentuates the dance movements, as well as the artistry and sensuality of the dance.

Let´s look at the black outfit with the spider web pattern as an example: here, I have used very small, transparent sequins in purple and blue that are mounted on a black base. In the center of these, you´ll find a glued rhinestone in a granite and light blue color. I use granite rhinestones since they sparkle much better than the all-black, and they´re darker than the crystal white.
For the plumage, I use feathers that are basically oil-color dyed with black, along with some cobalt blue feathers. This gives the outfit a different depth that one can perceive without pointing out what makes the garment special.
The overall impression is that the outfit is black.

Model -Karen  Pacul-Jaikin    Photographer- Michael McCarthy Kellerman    

Model-Karen Pacul-Jaikin

Photographer-Michael McCarthy Kellerman


Alejandra Vargas