My need of change

Second to freedom, I believe that change is the most important ingredient in life. Without change we would not evolve and learn to take on new challenges.
Being able to change a costume and provide several different options for its usage is something that I consider very important, since dancers often invest a lot of money in a costume.

On one particular day, you might feel in shape and want to wear two parts of the costume and show off your body. On another day when you feel more shy and want to cover yourself up a little more, we can solve it with an attachable torso piece or an entire dress (short or long), which still will fit together with the rest of the costume.

If you´re dancing at a carnival parade, you may want to wear a great plumage, and if it´s a narrow stage you might prefer a smaller plumage over the shoulders.

I´m currently working on developing a more permanent solution for attaching and detaching plumage by using 3D printing.


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Alejandra Vargas